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Mount Virgil Apostolic ChurchIn 1927, the Mount Virgil Apostolic Church, which later became known as the Elkton Pentecostal Church, was founded by the Reverend Edgar C. Ridenour.  Reverend Ridenour was originally from the Baltimore, Maryland area and decided to leave and move to Florida.  After traveling through parts of Virginia, the Lord led him to stop in Page county and build a church.  This church today is known as the Battle Creek Church.  Shortly after the churchís completion, Reverend Ridenour came to Elkton and started services in the Meat Market Building.  With the congregation growing, Reverend Ridenour and his members decided to build a new church.  Land was donated by Ashby Lam.  With the Depression taking its toll on everyone financially, materials used to build the church had to be salvaged from the old Tannery Building.  In 1931, with the completion of the church RevereRidenour Familynd Ridenour and his congregation formed a march from the Meat Market Building to their new church located on Summit Avenue.  Reverend Ridenour pastored the church until his death in February, 1954.

After Reverend Ridenourís death, the assistant pastor, the Reverend Homer Dovel became pastor.  Reverend Dovel remained as pastor until an election could be held in June of that same year.  At the election, the son of Reverend Edgar Ridenour, the Reverend James Ridenour was elected. Reverend James Ridenour remained pastor until August, 1955.


Ridenour Class

Rev Homer & Hettie Dovel, Rev. Ennis & Ada Dean
In August 1955, the Reverend Ennis Dean was elected and remained as pastor until his death in March, 1984.  During the 29 years that Reverend Dean was pastor, he kept a log of weddings and funerals for which he had officiated.  During that period, he officiated at 273 funerals and 146 marriages.  With his churchís structure slowly deteriorating, and his congregation bursting at the seams, Reverend Dean and his members felt it was time to build a much larger church.  Today, this church sits directly behind where the original church stood on Summit Avenue.  On August 8, 1970, Reverend Dean and his congregation moved into the new church with Reverend Dean officiating at the marriage of his daughter.

Rev. Kinzy and Hazel ReedIn June, 1984, after the death of Reverend Dean, the Reverend Kinzy Reed was elected pastor.  During the time Kinzy Reed was pastor, land was purchased adjacent to the church so that a Fellowship hall could be built.  This building was completed in 1985 and was dedicated in the memory of Reverend Dean.  With the congregation growing, the parking became a problem.  New additional parking had to be added, and soon after the building of the Fellowship Hall, the parking lot was extended around the building.  In addition, Reverend Kinzy Reed, using parsonage, bought four acres that housed a vacant motel at the foot of the mountain for further church expansion.  A pavilion was erected on this land and was used for various church functions. Reverend Kinzy Reed remained pastor until June 2001.

Reverend Ray Halverson became the next pastor in June 2002.  During his time as pastor, he built an addition to the Fellowship Hall, paved the additional parking lot around the building, demolished the old motel at the campground, and cleaned up the grounds there.  Reverend Ray Halverson remained pastor until August, 2006.

After Reverend Ray Halverson, Reverend Travis Hensley became pastor of the Elkton Pentecostal Church in August 2006.  Soon after, he started Monday Night Prayer Meetings, Tuesday nursing home and home visitation.  Reverend Travis Hensley resigned as pastor in June 2018.  

While the Elkton Pentecostal Church may have started in a building that was not owned by its members, it started as a dream.  That dream is now a reality.  Reverend Ridenour and his congregationís efforts were not in vain. 

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